freerip software

converts .wav files to .mp3 files

give to mr liberal

this is the file in mime format.
its version 2.


mr liberal says also see  i dont think it can be used to create or edit mp3 files - it looks like a list of internet radio shows, not a tool to edit mp3 files.

i also remember as a mp3 file editor. check it out. the url may be wrong
also ask erni for a good mp3 editor. with his radio show
he may be using stuff like that.

joanas at j1o2n3a4s5@[calliente] says

cool edit 2000    (its free)
cool edit pro     (it costs bucks)

can be used to edit sound files and merge
them together. their web site is

i didnt know this but he says that cool edit
has filters that will allow you to modulate
your voice. wow i can sound just like my
sister on TV and have a modulated voice.

he also said that winamp is just a play back
product. winamp does not allow you to edit
audio files.

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